Pinon Time

And he walks all day with his family, up into the hills, for it is the time after the agave hearts and screwbeans, before the rabbit drive. And they camp in the piñon groves. His boy looks for kindling while he chooses a ready tree.

Snake Cane

Norman Amos Sometimes Virginia Creeper, a tendril of honeysuckle or wild grape, will wind around the limb of a young hickory and, as both grow, squeeze its spiral into the wick. Old women who tap the ground before they walk, ready to rap danger on its head, tobacco farmers well-versed…


It’s cold. And while I’m better at frying chicken thighs so the skin and rosemary stick, I still haven’t bought envelopes for these postage stamps, or checked the mail for that package you sent.


After Tim Barnwell’s photograph, “Emma Mills on porch with chickens, 1982” I don’t much care what they’ll think, folks who’ll see this photograph hung in Tim’s shop window, what they’ll assume about my life

Dirty Power

We are being forced to bear the burden of dirty power for Nevada. –William Anderson, chairman of the Moapa Band of Paiutes Near the generating station Coal ash they breathe, coal ash they take in, coal ash in the water, in the air, bottom ash, fly ash,