Maggie Boylan sat in her place and glared at the judge as hard a glare as she dared to give. But her glare was nothing to him. He kept his eyes on the papers laid out on the bench and he nodded as the lawyers—her lawyer on one side and…

Chicken Shit Pistol

Sure, I’d always wanted a sister, but not this one. I was reading about Great Blue whales, trying to focus, but all I could think about was it would be inconvenient to kill her. Murder was out. I was pretty sure it would screw my chances of getting into college.

The Big Chair

Joanne stood by her car in the parking lot of Blue Hills Nursing Home and filled her lungs with cold October air.She’d spent the last hour sweet-talking her mother into eating tiny spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and gravy, waxy green beans, and stringy chicken. She took another deep breath and…