Spring 2017: Vol. 45, Issue 2


Editor’s Note by Jason Howard


Murmuration by T.M. Williams
Neighborly by Michael Gray
Planned Development by Stephen Brown


Trains by Rebecca Schamore
The Letters by Janet S. Holloway
A Natural American by Micah McCrary


Glassworks Hot Room as Pentecostal Church by William Kelley Woolfitt
Another Sighting by William Kelley Woolfitt
Dirty Power by William Kelley Woolfitt
Pinon Time by William Kelley Woolfitt
Love of the Word by Samantha Cole
With Nothing or No One in Between by Samantha Cole
Lesson in Wearing Heels, 1994 by Samantha Cole
Starting Out Together in West Virginia by Julia Campbell Johnson
Running Away by Julia Campbell Johnson
Full Moon, Black Night by Julia Campbell Johnson
Day Lily by Joseph Bathanti
Trapdoor Spring by Larry D. Thacker
Snake Cane by Annie Woodford
Accumulation by Luke Marinac
The dog warms one of my blue feet by Luke Marinac
Deep Sky by Kevin D. LeMaster
Keepsake by Noel Smith
No Animal Afterlife by Charles Cantrell
Aviary by Philip Belcher
Playing Forever by Lori Gravley


Connie May Fowler by Katherine Scott Crawford


Up on the Ridge: Charles Wright’s Childhood Home in Kingsport, Tennessee by Scott Honeycutt


A Million Fragile Bones (Fowler) by Katherine Scott Crawford
One Man’s Dark (Manning) by John Lang