Spring 2018 Issue Released


Interview: Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon & Rebecca Gayle Howell

Appalachian Heritage talks to Sonja Livingston

Appalachian Heritage talks to Sonja Livingston

The Stone Carver’s Note

To whatever home you call home— a door, locked; a mother’s place; a family, that dream state—compare When you find the big stone rock, the one bigger than all that, put your skull face to her skull face, stand Still Let, what?—God, Time, Boredom—shade your eyes Then, with night-sight watch…

Book Review: The Last Ballad

Wiley Cash. The Last Ballad. New York, N.Y.: William Morrow, 2017. 384 pages. Hardcover. $26.99. Reviewed by Jessica Cory Wiley Cash’s third novel The Last Ballad is a suspenseful tale based on a historical event. The novel follows protagonist Ella May Wiggins and a wide cast of narrators, including a northern porter, a wealthy mill owner’s wife, a demoted yet…

Any Tree

It can be any tree that changes everything,   the boisterous sapling sprung from a ridgetop, youthful   boughs yearning toward the sun long before town stretched   its domestic tendrils into the woods, before streets were laid and   power lines strung, before the neighbors and the homes. It…

When We Are Clay Again

You were a creature of the highway, a growling ghost with a rib cage visible underneath a thin layer of Tennessee clay-covered fur. You were never mean, but at first you had the ferocity of a buzzing hornet, too afraid to stay in one place. When Grandfather found you by the side of the road, I remember…