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Julie Hensley

A Conversation with Julie Hensley

Appalachian Heritage talks to Sonja Livingston

Appalachian Heritage talks to Sonja Livingston

Fall 2016 Editor’s Note

Ask any fiction writer and they will likely tell you there are glimpses of themselves in nearly every character they create. Their obsessions, desires, and fears are often tucked away in the shadows and clefts of their characters, a small part of the fictional whole. Readers are left to wonder…

Talking to Shadows

“…they will wield power in the smallest ways”                                                          —Colm Toibin Early evening, the first lamps light in dew on grass. Before I’ve…

Made Out of Words

If you’ve attended a few poetry and fiction readings, you’ve learned to cringe at the question, “Where do you get your ideas?” Usually, student writers ask like proselytes who need one key phrase to open up their own locked vision, and the writer stares at the floor, looking for an…

Pissing Initials in the Snow

(Winter Solstice, Thursday, 22 December 1977) Thinking about nothing but the weather, I couldn’t sleep or write. The last or the worst was coming. I’d let pencil fall onto blank page and taken the four-wheeler to rumble over the clock-face of snow.