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bell hooks and Fenton Johnson

Interview: Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon & Rebecca Gayle Howell

Barely Runnable

One week after record rainfall burst the riverbanks of Southern West Virginia, destroying homes and roads and ending twenty-six lives, I gawked at the destruction I passed on the two-lane highway. Downed trees, culverts washed away, sheds knocked cockeyed. Hundreds were still displaced, many more still without electricity. It was…

Book Review: Weedeater (Robert Gipe)

Robert Gipe. Weedeater. Athens, Oh.: Ohio University Press, 2018. 250 pages. Hardcover. $27.95. Dawn Jewell is back. Robert Gipe’s second novel, a sequel to the much-loved Trampoline, revisits our favorite citizens of Canard County, Kentucky. While Weedeater is a standalone work, those who have not yet read Gipe’s first book…

Cave Country

Consider the sinkhole formation, the sudden black dot emerging from green pasture, growing, eating, swallowing. Cool air spills from below, bends the scorched grass. Consider the properties of this formation – the presence of dark, the absence of light, moist ground beneath the dry surface – a lost trust that…


In the afternoons the boy fumbles with the hatchet like the razor he took from his father the day he wanted to shave the child off of his face. From my porch I watch him swing into a pitch pine at the edge of his field, its yellow flesh chipping