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Julie Hensley

A Conversation with Julie Hensley

Appalachian Heritage talks to Sonja Livingston

Appalachian Heritage talks to Sonja Livingston

Book Review: One Man’s Dark (Manning)

Maurice Manning. One Man’s Dark. Port Townsend, Wa.: Copper Canyon Press, 2016. 110 pages. Hardcover. $23.00. On the cover of One Man’s Dark, Maurice Manning’s superb new collection of poems, appears a sepia photograph of the interior of an empty tobacco barn, sunlight visible on and through the spaced boards…


A Saturday in autumn, early and quiet. It started simple like that. If it’d been one of her boys I would’ve laughed myself dead, but with Ruth in mind the whole thing seemed more serious somehow. Maybe cause we all knew her so well. We could imagine her coming out for the…

Spring 2017 Editor’s Note

Earlier this spring, we were invaded by squirrels—a gang of wily creatures that leapt their way to our gutter from a towering walnut tree. But their play didn’t stop there. They found a small hole just beneath the overhang of the metal roof and enlarged it with their sharp little…


Up the steep wooded hill behind my house in northeastern Tennessee lies an open field that has always reminded me of Bambi’s meadow. I often wonder, as I watch them pass through, if the deer that traverse our woods stop at its edge and counsel their fawns on the danger lurking…

No Animal Afterlife

See how wholly they open to us in death, to the moon, to the red elm scabbed with mites. —Bruce Snider Of course you are imagining an afterlife for roadkill, but have you ever slowed or even stopped to look closely at a raccoon’s teeth buried in tar to the gums?