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Julie Hensley

A Conversation with Julie Hensley

Appalachian Heritage talks to Sonja Livingston

Appalachian Heritage talks to Sonja Livingston

The Way

Hindman, Kentucky, November 18, 2012 Standing beside the tree invites belief, my spirit or soul answers an easy or crazy waving leaf, or even a motionless leaf, even in winter the stark unmoving branch

Wallace Stevens: Hillbilly Deluxe

Twenty years ago, I was cavorting around the Kentucky backroads one day and happened upon the village of Mackville. While there I briefly visited with a lady, Mrs. Leonard Carpenter, the proprietress of the general store, who was in a guff because she’d moments before shooed away an idle youth—whom…

The Truth on Three Lick Creek

Below the ridges, dim and low, the hollows and narrow valleys run, and pools of water prove a stream has been there once. Standing before a pool like these, painted with leaves dropped from the trees, I now believe a mind conceived this place and thought, it must be sunken…

Chicken Bristle

There’s a place near here called Chicken Bristle. It’s not a very hopeful name, but it’s out in the country and quiet. A handful of houses are clustered along a lane. The land is rolling and secret and dark.