Fall 2017: Vol. 45, Issue 4


Editor’s Note by Jason Howard

FEATURED AUTHOR: Maurice Manning

The Tall Book (Poetry)
The Truth on Three Lick Creek (Poetry)
Little Grey Feather Tinged with Red or Blood (Poetry)
People of Sensibility (Poetry)
Reading a Book in the Woods (Poetry)
Love Poem (Poetry)
The Way (Poetry)
Sublimity (Poetry)
Chicken Bristle (Poetry)
An Iron Ring Fastened to a Rail in the Barn (Poetry)
Why I Am Not a Stoic (Poetry)
Wallace Stevens: Hillbilly Deluxe (Craft Essay)


Fish and Wildlife by Deborah Reed Downing
This Must Be the Place by Jeffrey Helton
My Side by Charlotte Morgan


Yoke by Jessie van Eerden
A Country of Edges by Sean Patrick Hill


Here by Emily Hancock
Walking Into Winter by Emily Hancock
The Leap by Jacob Strautmann
The Boy and the Rafter by Jacob Strautmann
Monongahela, Allegheny Coal Field by Jacob Strautmann
Styling My Hair, I Dream of Ben Franklin by Jimmy Long
Hay Roll Calving by Br. Paul Quenon
Study in Empty Bottles by Allison Thorpe
And Then There Were Tomatoes by Allison Thorpe
Halfway Between NYC and Miami by Catherine Moore


Maurice Manning by Marianne Worthington


Eyes Glowing at the Edge of the Woods (Long & Van Gundy, Eds.) by Emily Masters