Winter 2016

Laundry Woman

My great-grandmother agitated Mrs. Worldly’s wash every week over the hot flash and glow of the fire in the misery shed. Hand on rough stick, grandmother pulled around the glob of tangled shirts and sheets; she stirred as if hauling the weighted laundry about an axis, sloshy seas yielding a…

Winter’s Raven

black pickaxe in the winter blasted orchard shattering a ceramic apple in spiculed grass hops off kilter on one foot having stood too long on sun wet wind set lake-ice hacking at a junk fish called roach and tossed by a local fisherman

Her Days

When I was a girl I knew leaving me was in her. I dressed up the stage of my mother’s story. I could have charged quarters for that privilege. I am telling the truth. She was such composition.

Mot (Einstein)

Sarah Einstein. Mot: A Memoir. Athens, Ga.: University of Georgia Press, 2015. 168 pages. Hardcover. $24.95. The story of Mot and its author, Sarah Einstein, might be unbelievable as a work of fiction, which makes this memoir all the more remarkable in its telling. Serving the story of an improbable friendship are…