Summer 2018

Summertime Chi

Short for Chicago From a rooftop on Lincoln Ave. you can see the fountain fill with angel wings. Summer’s humid cape trails your bike through grid-pattern streets. Windblown, lake effect, rain-washed leaves. Jazz music means: Uptown, red line. Train window. I believe [Subscribe]

Maxims in Winter

Ida walked the length of her backyard in old tennis shoes, holding a thin sweater tight against her ribs. The dew on the grass made her toes cold. She planted a foot at the edge of the muddy plot she had gardened and leaned in over the garden, trying to find…


For our mother Oooh—that bad seaside vacation you spent Caught in the surf of my warring sisters (That they were engaged or married was no matter)— I saw you felt again how selfishly we fought [Subscribe]


1 Shallow spring & the great act fails The forsythia freezes A half-dozen buds on each of several stems Which for them means a weak few & then summer & likely leaves crimped to the red stems Which then will spread 2 Sunlight & eventually A white-blue bold jay will…


Sunlight floods the loft, barn chaff explodes into the summer heat, a sparkling vapor spirals into roof-beam shadows. A day’s work dazzles, won’t settle, floats upward, a flood of particles [Subscribe]