Spring 2017


She left a little at a time. The way the starlings do, lifting from a line off into nowhere, one by one until they’re gone completely. First was the index finger on her right hand. She was numb from sugar, so she didn’t notice when it started to cook. That smell that…

Pinon Time

And he walks all day with his family, up into the hills, for it is the time after the agave hearts and screwbeans, before the rabbit drive. And they camp in the piñon groves. His boy looks for kindling while he chooses a ready tree.

Snake Cane

Norman Amos Sometimes Virginia Creeper, a tendril of honeysuckle or wild grape, will wind around the limb of a young hickory and, as both grow, squeeze its spiral into the wick. Old women who tap the ground before they walk, ready to rap danger on its head, tobacco farmers well-versed…


It’s cold. And while I’m better at frying chicken thighs so the skin and rosemary stick, I still haven’t bought envelopes for these postage stamps, or checked the mail for that package you sent.

Planned Development

Jack Hodges ignored the mechanical voice of the GPS urging him to turn around. The roads didn’t exist yet, but he recognized the stand of redbud trees. He had played here as a child every Sunday after church while his parents enjoyed their weekly picnic. He followed two meandering ruts cut…