Writings by: Jesse Graves

This author has written 5 pieces

The Field at Rest

Across a field no one is watching right now, The sun sets through high orange-streaked clouds, Sending citrine light over the meadow canopy, Full summer crowns of maple and white oak, Tulip poplar, shagbark, and layers of scrub pine. Cows keep the grass cropped, but not too short, Far from…

Barn Swallows

They made a sound like wind coming to life, ignition that always startled me, though I knew the swallows would be sleeping there. They hid where I wanted to hide, up in the rafters, up above the loft, above the broken tobacco sticks, unstrung bales of hay, cracked tires, barbed…


My job was to pour the mold for the hard porcelain crowns that sat on telephone poles. I rode the bus to the plant, even when they called it “the scab bus.” I wasn’t proud to take someone else’s job.

Long Man (Greene)

Amy Greene. Long Man: A Novel. New York, N.Y.: Knopf, 2014. 288 pages. Hardcover. $25.95 In her much-anticipated second novel Long Man, Amy Greene takes up the challenge of creating a fictional account of the removal of citizens from their homes by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in the mid-1930s.…