Writings by: Jane Hicks

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Take This Leaf

. . .read these leaves in the open air every season, every year of your life. –Walt Whitman Open to air and sky, one feels none other than small, a particle, a part, a leaf, a blade of a great whole. Feel the rustle, stir, and hum as all moves together,give…


Sun-dappled drowsy fawns sprang up at every turn of the trail last spring. The doe deposited them, always apart, in thickets, brush piles, honeysuckle warrens, collected them at day’s end. I often saw them in shadows, suckled in the gloaming,


I waved my hand over the patch, but made no shadow in the place. —Maurice Manning The chemo clouds and veils thought, a stream hits a rock dam, splashes, diffused, lost but to weeds and mud. A reader cannot read, follow the course of thought through a chapter, the flow…


September arced across the mountains, a warm hay-breeze swirled among the graven stones, nudged faded oak leaves to chatter, stirred the scent of carnations and the sharp odor of mums that rose from that patch of turned earth. The day a mountain postcard, dogwoods rusted at woods’ edge behind the…

Agent of Providence

Roma Downey glows on the television screen, her angel touch dispensed, the plot line closed. I have muted the sound as my mother drifts toward sleep. We shiver in the bare, temporary room where she has come for transfusion. I drowse over my coffee.


When sorrow comes to your bed like a just-weaned child, remember sharp teeth and an appetite too large to succor. It has its own bed, its own place, so you both rest, so in the light of day you give it what it needs, not what it wants.

A Shelter of Others (White)

Charles Dodd White. A Shelter of Others. Peninsula, Ohio: Fiddleback ltd, 2014. 216 pages. Softcover. $14.00. Whether we are born into a family or make a family, the urge to reside in a tribe is strong. So says Charles Dodd White in his novel A Shelter of Others. From the…