Writings by: Bill King

This author has written 3 pieces

Trout Flashes

1. In the Blue Ridge mountains of southwestern Virginia, sitting on a rock that juts like a peninsula into a little stream called Back Creek, my twelve-year-old brother—wiry, already chiseled and lean—wets a piece of bread between the tip of his tongue and his front teeth, takes it out, balls…

Hawks at Dusk

for William Kirk Tonight will be the longest night in the history of the Earth, I am told, but even such a little eternity beggars imagination, while the things of this world, illuminated by the distant sun, do not. They still deserve our attention: twelve red-tails on the way back…


Our twelve-seater sits on concrete cracked and filled with rubber on a mountaintop just a hair shorter than the bare ridge beside, already ripped of leaves save the tough red oak making a stand amongst grey poplar and the broad green flanks of pine.