The Stone Carver’s Note

To whatever home you call home—
a door, locked; a mother’s place;
a family, that dream state—compare
When you find the big stone rock,
the one bigger than all that,
put your skull face to her skull face,
stand Still Let, what?—God, Time,
Boredom—shade your eyes
Then, with night-sight watch
how song fills air with old unrest,
disturbs snake and creek,
moves, erodes Even this strong rock,
both gate and guard, smooths
Even you Forget trinkets
Here, the map we grave To begin,
leave home Go home
Enter the wood’s inscape 

Rebecca Gayle Howell is the author of Render/An Apocalypse, which was selected by Nick Flynn for the Cleveland State University First Book Prize and was a 2014 finalist for ForeWord Review’s Book of the Year. Among her awards are fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and the Carson McCullers Center, as well as a 2014 Pushcart Prize. Native to Kentucky, Howell is the Senior Editor at Oxford American.

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