Take This Leaf

. . .read these leaves in the open air every season, every year of your life. –Walt Whitman

Open to air and sky, one feels none other
than small, a particle, a part, a leaf, a blade of
a great whole. Feel the rustle, stir, and hum as all
moves together,give and get cycles of earth, air, sun, and water.
The bob of flower heads as bees lift away,

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A native of upper East Tennessee, Jane Hicks is an award-winning poet and quilter. Her poetry has appeared in journals and numerous anthologies, and her first book, Blood and Bone Remember, was nominated for and won several awards. Her “literary quilts” illustrate the works of playwright Jo Carson and novelists Sharyn McCrumb and Silas House. The University Press of Kentucky will publish her latest poetry book, Driving with the Dead, in the fall of 2014.

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