We Decide to Hang a Man and Then Don’t

Ruin’t by the rain and many articles missing or scattered
          about the cabin, thus we find
our store of provisions on return,
                     and in despair curse
       the savage and his band for their depredations,
what have so defiled
                                                    our settlements and camps.
We assemble a party, prepare to hunt til eve’n but
              not any distance find the damn Jack, runaway
       white servant called Sommers, drunk
                                                         and wearing
                                           our wool leggings, our coat, against
no great cold and torn it besides.
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Lynnell Major Edwards is the author of three full-length collections of poetry, most recently Covet (Red Hen Press) and a chapbook, Kings of the Rock and Roll Hot Shop (Accents Publishing). She is Associate Professor of English at Spalding University where she teaches writing and literature courses.

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