The Letters

Let’s go in here and talk,” she said, guiding my shoulder toward her bedroom. Granny Bill closed the door and sat on the small stool that fronted her oversized maple dresser. She fidgeted with her hand mirror and comb while I looked around, not knowing whether to sit or stand. I settled on the sunny spot on the floor, across from her bed. The three-paneled mirror on the dresser reflected her softness from every side.

“They’s some things we have to talk about that ain’t easy to talk about. Do you understand?” She bent down to look me in the eye.

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Janet S. Holloway was born and raised in Logan County, West Virginia, and spent many summers on her grandmother’s tobacco farm outside of Abingdon, Virginia. She’s the author of A Willful Child, and her second memoir, Leaving, will be published in June. A graduate of Marshall University, Holloway lives in Lexington, Kentucky.

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