The Poetry of Pepperoni Rolls

Ineed to tell you about pepperoni rolls. But I understand that, as a native West Virginian, I probably have enthusiasm for this dish disproportionate to your knowledge of it, so first I need to explain.

A classic pepperoni roll, one from a place like Home Industry Bakery in Clarksburg, West Virginia, can help us understand the Platonic ideal of the form: yeast bread dough (my grandmother used the same recipe that she used to bake her bread buns) stuffed with satisfying fistfuls of sliced pepperoni or small batons of stick pepperoni and baked. I should also be clear, though, not just about what we’re talking about, but about how we’re talking about it.

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Courtney Balestier is a James Beard-nominated writer whose work has appeared in the New Yorker online, Oxford American, Lucky Peach, and Cornbread Nation 7: The Best of Southern Food Writing. “The Poetry of Pepperoni Rolls” is adapted from a talk given at the 2016 Appalachian Food Summit in Berea, Kentucky.

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