Talking to Shadows

“…they will wield power in the smallest ways”
                                                         —Colm Toibin

Early evening, the first lamps light in dew
on grass. Before I’ve walked half the hill,
they’re there among the streetlight’s ellipsis,
the brocade of trees trying to remember
green, and the silence that avoids saying
anything that might reach ears.

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Ron Houchin is the author of the acclaimed poetry collection The Man Who Saws Us in Half (LSU Press, 2013), as well as five previous collections: Museum Crows, Birds in the Tops of Winter Trees, Among Wordless Things, Moveable Darkness, and Death and the River. A retried public high school teacher, he lives on the banks of the Ohio River across from Huntington, West Virginia, where he grew up.

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