The Fullback

He is an eclipse. He is divine intervention. He is the fullback. Like a vessel launched from a bed of flames sent spearing into an unsuspecting sky, he tears into the fabric of space and opens a passageway for the lone man behind him. The crazed din of the crowd and the burn of their eyes is nothing to him. Only when his brother lands in the end zone, utterly untouched, does he bend over to hold his knees and breathe. He watches Roan’s familiar moonwalk and smiles faintly through the strands of hair that have fallen into his face beneath his helmet. The game, one of the last in a long line the two brothers have won for this team, is over.

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Elizabeth Genovise’s fiction has appeared in Cimarron Review, The Southern Review, Cold Mountain Review, Pembroke Magazine, and other journals. She has published two collections of short stories, A Different Harbor and Where There Are Two or More, and is the recipient of a 2016 O. Henry Prize.

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