He Tells Her a Love Poem

This is all your fault—
Every bit of it.
When we came here for the first time,
You said, “I want my house right there.”
Like I could wave my hand
Turn bull thistle, broom sedge,
Joe Pye and Goldenrod into
Orchard grass and flowers,
Turn a wilderness into a retreat, A
little beaten path into a doorway.

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Rita Quillen’s latest poetry collection, The Mad Farmer’s Wife, is forthcoming in fall 2016 from Texas Review Press. Quillen is the author of the novel Hiding Ezra, the chapbook Something Solid To Anchor To, the poetry collections Her Secret Dream, October Dusk, and Counting the Sums, and an essay collection Looking for Native Ground: Contemporary Appalachian Poetry. She lives and farms on Early Autumn Farm in Scott County, Virginia.

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