Where You Are Planted

Today is Tuesday. At 11:45 on Tuesday mornings, the residents of the Richland Hill Psychiatric Rehabilitation Center gather at the dining hall. We stand in bunches on the linoleum, shuffle our house shoes inside faux marble squares. The ones in front push their faces into the door and spread grins against the glass. Tiny puddles form at the corners of lips and surprised eyes scan the room for Sheila. We don’t wait long before Sheila appears from the kitchen. She rubs one hand on her apron and uses the other to shove contrary strands of silver hair into a net before she turns the latch to let us in. We squeeze into a crooked line.

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Amanda Jo Runyon is a mother, writer, and instructor in Pike County, Kentucky. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in journals such as The Louisville Review, Still: The Journal, Pine Mountain Sand and Gravel, and Kudzu, as well as Seeking Its Own Level, volume 4 of the Motif anthology series. She is co-editor of the literary journal The Pikeville Review.

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