Luck of the Draw

When the doorbell rang that early January afternoon in 1967, Florene Mullins had just turned on the two table lamps in the living room. The winter day was shading into twilight and shadows pooled in the corners, making her feel blue. She was considering fixing pork chops and fried potatoes for supper. A good, substantial meal, she thought. That would cheer them both up. Bill had taken sardines and crackers with him for lunch.

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Elaine Fowler Palencia, now of Champaign, Illinois, grew up in Morehead, Kentucky. She is the author of two poetry chapbooks and two collections of Appalachian short stories, Small Caucasian Woman and Brier Country. “Luck of the Draw” is included in her third collection, Riding the Devil’s Bicycle, which is seeking a publisher. She is now at work on My Dear Companion: The Civil War Letters of John M. Douthit.

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