Glade Creek Falls

In a canyon of the Gorge
prills Glade Creek Falls—
beholden, as is proper, to the New.

Only the Nile is older.
Obscenely young, prey to impulse,
we indenture to the Glade—

our trysting place—and to each other.
Like the Bible, like Mythography,
we truss, foretold, in writ scrolls of eternity.

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Joseph Bathanti is former Poet Laureate of North Carolina and the award-winning author of eight books of poetry, the novels East Liberty and Coventry, a book of stories titled The High Heart, and two books of nonfiction titled They Changed the State: The Legacy of North Carolina’s Visiting Artists, 1971-1995 and Half of What I Say is Meaningless. A new novel, The Life of the World to Come, is forthcoming.

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