Blue Kentucky Girl

Named for the moon. Little Luna. Luna, blue. The details surrounding your birth are murky, some say 1878, others say a decade later, but why squabble over a handful of years? What’s most clear is that by the time you were born in eastern Kentucky, people had settled into its isolated pockets, inhabiting hollows along the Cumberland Plateau, fringed by rocky ridges and ravines.

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Sonja Livingston’s latest book, Queen of the Fall, is forthcoming. Her first book, Ghostbread, won an AWP Prize for Creative Nonfiction. “Blue Kentucky Girl” is from a book-in-progress about little known historic women. Recent essays appear in Arts & Letters, Bellingham 135 Review, Brevity, The Seneca Review, and others. Livingston splits her time between New York and Memphis, where she teaches in the MFA Program at the University of Memphis.

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