The Road from Gap Creek (Morgan)

Robert Morgan. The Road from Gap Creek. Chapel Hill, N.C.: Algonquin Books, 2013. 318 pages. Hardback with dust jacket, $25.95.

Robert Morgan’s best-selling novel Gap Creek (1999) ends as Julie and Hank Richards cross the North Carolina state line, returning to Green River after surviving flood, fire, and their first baby’s death in Gap Creek, South Carolina. Now readers can see how this poverty-stricken young couple’s lives play out.

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Rebecca Godwin was first published in Appalachian Heritage in 1992 with a review of Lee Smith’s novel The Devil’s Dream. She has authored a book on Smith and numerous scholarly essays and book reviews, many of them on fiction or poetry by writers of the Appalachian South. Godwin serves currently on the Thomas Wolfe Society Board of Directors as well as the North Carolina Literature Review editorial board. She grew up on a family farm in eastern North Carolina and is Professor of English at Barton College.

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