Winter 2016 Issue

Kathleen Driskell

Appalachian Heritage talks to poet Kathleen Driskell

bell hooks & Laverne Cox

A Conversation with bell hooks and Laverne Cox

What Lies on the Mind

The fog rose off the lake like puffs of smoke blown into the atmosphere. Heavy drops beat down the humidity that tried to creep up from the soil. It didn’t have much of a fighting chance. Autumn gave up on its lie of better days to come with each dying leaf. The…


Coulter felt wiggling fat rolls bunch from his waistline to clavicles as he pedaled up the long incline. A slow heat burned from his quads to the bone with each strained pump of his legs. Top of the rise had been his mantra for the last half hour on the hill.…

Geographies of Pluto

We do not know the geography of Pluto as intimately as those celestial bodies closer to Earth. Looking up, one eye closed, I could trace the Moon’s Mare Serenitatis with my pinky finger as if grazing the dark circles under a lover’s eyes. The lunar maria, plains of basalt astronomers…
Interview: Kathleen Driskell

Interview: Kathleen Driskell

“I’ve had a lot of different experiences with graveyards,” says Kathleen Driskell. As a child growing up in rural Peewee Valley outside of Louisville, she often hopped a fence to visit an old Confederate cemetery near her home. “My mother and father argued all the time, and to get away from…